S4 League

Immerse yourself in the stunning sci-fi world full of anime visuals and non-stop shooter action!

Type: Download Game   Category: Action Shooter (FPS)  s4league2_615x340

S4 League is a sci-fi MMO action shooter game that is based in a fantasy world and uses manga style graphics to deliver fast paced action. It is a free-to-play game that is available for download, and it currently enjoys a strong player base of dedicated users. S4 League is liked by thousands of players because of its unique artwork, balanced gameplay, techno music and its emphasis on individual skill. Develop your own character, fight other players in a variety of different game modes, and rise through the ranks of S4 League!

You start with a comprehensive character customization process where you get to choose details like weapons, clothing and other equipment that define your character. One of the best things about the game is the sheer amount of customization you can do to your character, as it even includes unique active and passive skills. You then get to choose from a list of game modes including death-match, Captain, Chaser, Seige, Touchdown and Arcade, where you can fight against real players and gain experience. S4 League also allows you to team up with other players in the Neo Tokyo world and engage in fast paced third person shooter action!