Fight the forces of hell with a motley crew of unlikely heroes!

Type: Browser Game   Category: RPG  nightfalls_615x340

Nightfalls is a free to play browser based MMORPG fantasy game. In Nightfalls, you are an angel who has left her place in heaven to come and fight the forces of darkness with the help of mortals. Legend speaks of a place deep inside the earth were demons are imprisoned. The prison is the only thing keeping the demons from marauding on earth. But there is a prophesy that one day the prison will break and the demons will be unleashed on earth. Now that day has come. Only a being of heavenly descent can stop the demons from taking over.

You have to lead a team of like-minded warriors to try and reclaim the land from hellish minions. You can recruit a range of characters to join your party (tavern). Together you will face these demons and vanquish them. Each of the mercenaries has a unique gift like damage, healing, destructive spells or protective spells. Your progress in the game will depend on how you plan and use these resources. Nightfalls has lots of nice graphics, activities and casual content to keep players engaged.