Humans or Vampires: Choose your faction and defeat them to rule over Nosgoth

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Nosgoth is a team based human vs. vampire fantasy MMORPG. The game is set in the highly successful ‘Legacy of Kain’ world. The world is dark, foreboding and Gothic. Two powerful factions- humans and vampires are engaged in a deadly conflict for hundreds of years for control over Nosgoth. The vampires are winning but in a twist of fate, emperor Kain of the vampires has disappeared forcing his lieutenants are forced to fend for themselves. However, they are riven by conflict and jealousy and it is not long before they are fighting between themselves.

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Now, the humans have risen again. They were once once rulers but time made them slaves. Emperor Kain’s disappearance gave them a chance to regroup and rebuilt their civilization. Possessed of new weapons and skills in alchemy, the humans are ready to take on and the vanquish the vampires once again. Faced with this adversary, the vampires have to decide whether they want to die fighting other vampires or unite against the humans, the common enemy.

The game is in the form of a player vs. player system (like Counter Strike). Each match is made of two rounds. You will be assigned to one of two races- humans or vampires. Between the rounds, you will switch places with the other team. Finally, the team that accumulates the most points will win the match.