Operation 7

Play as an elite soldier and fight against real players from all over the world!

Type: Download Game   Category: Shooter (FPS)  operation7_615x340

Operation 7 is a downloadable first person shooter that includes a variety of real life physics elements to create an engaging and fast paced PvP environment. It was developed by ParkESM and was released as a free-to-play MMO game. Deriving inspiration from modern day combat, Operation 7 offers you a chance to use a variety of weapons and engage in realistic combat with other skilled players. Combined with massive gun customization ability, low system requirements and fast-paced gameplay, this FPS is one online game you do not want to miss!

You begin the game with only a few types of guns available, and you can play in one of five game modes: Death Match, Head Hunting, Survival, Hold the Line and Demolition, each of which offers unique dynamics. As you progress, you unlock plenty of different weapons and upgrades that you can use to customize your gun. With each customization you can vary the range, accuracy, rate of fire and even the visual appeal of your favorite weapon.