Rail Nation

Build and customize your own railway transport system

Type: Browser Game   Category: Simulation  railnation_615x340

Rail Nation is a real life railway simulation MMO game that offers you the chance to manage your own comprehensive railway transport system. It can be played completely on any major browser and it does not require any downloads. Rail Nation was created by popular online game developers Travian Games, and it now enjoys a large following of dedicated players. It features progression through the ages, historically accurate trains and comprehensive simulation elements that make the game very realistic and thoroughly enjoyable.

You begin the game by choosing a faction: the Eastern Atlantic Railway or the Western Pacific Railroads, after which you pick a hub city for your train station. The game world is actually a massive map of the United States with actual cities and resource areas. Your train station can have a variety of buildings that offer unique benefits that you can use to gain a better profit. As you progress through the game, more trains and technologies become available to you in subsequent eras. Each game round lasts for about four months after which the players who have gathered the most points win the game!