Empire Universe 3

Build an intergalactic empire and take over the universe with strategic cunning and military might!

Type: Browser Game   Category: Strategy  eu3_615x340

Empire Universe 3, a browser-based MMO real-time strategy sci-fi game, gives you the opportunity to take over the universe. The free-to-play game was released by renowned game developer Looki and it now enjoys a large player base. Although the primary objective is straightforward, the sheer scale of gameplay makes this MMO a favorite amongst those who like real-time strategy blended with sci-fi elements. The game has received praise for the uniqueness in each of the nine alien races and the flexibility of gameplay styles that can be used to win.

You start as the commander of your own alien planet, with limited resources and units, and your primary objective is to build a thriving colony. You can build and upgrade buildings, raise an army, with each of the alien races having unique benefits and disadvantages. There are plenty of quests to complete along the way and you get to interact with other players throughout the world to combine forces, trade or even go to war! Play Empire Universe 3 on your browser and build an intergalactic civilization the likes of which the universe has never seen before!