The Settlers Online

Lead your people to success in a brave, new world!

Type: Browser Game   Category: Simulation Strategy  settlers_615x340

The Settlers Online is an online, MMO browser based strategy game with medieval elements. It builds on the popular The Settlers universe. You are an upcoming king and your job is to oversee the building and expansion of a new settlement in a new world. You have to develop the land and build a base of raw materials to finance your constructions, combat and exploration. You can expand your kingdom to neighboring areas by exploration. As you gain in experience, new levels will unlock, containing new buildings, soldiers and mines.

The Settlers Online has a pay-to-win format. In the beginning, your buildings will get constructed quickly but as you gain experience, what used to be built in minutes will take hours to construct. The only way to get around this and speed up the construction is by paying money and purchasing the cash shop currency called Gems. One of the best things about The Settlers Online is the community. The game has good graphics. It is a real treat for those who like strategy games.