Play as a Gaul, Teuton or Roman and build a city.

Type: Browser Game   Category: Strategy  travian_615x340

Travian is a real time, browser based strategy game set in ancient times. You have to play as a tribe and your options are Gaul, Teuton or Roman. You start with a small underdeveloped village. Your objective is to build this village into a proper settlement through resources extraction, trade, alliances or conquest of neighboring tribes. You have access to four kinds of resources – clay, crop, iron and lumber. You can expand your village by using these resources, just like other MMO games.

On the World map, you can see where resources can be found, who your neighbors are and what levels of development they’ve reached. Always be on the lookout and don’t neglect your defenses because your neighbors can raid your village. You can build military units like infantry and cavalry to protect yourself or to raid your neighbors. Buildings will improve your city’s infrastructure, resource production and help you train, upgrade and research troops. Travian has wonderful graphics, is very easy to understand and on some levels is reminds you of Age of Empires.