Under Control

Take control of an army and fight against the tyrannical General Krieg!

Type: Browser Game   Category: Strategy  undercontrol_615x340

Under Control is a browser-based real time strategy MMO game in which you play as the commander of a rebel faction that is fighting against a tyrannical militarist who has taken over the world. It was developed by RJ Games and it includes modern weapons and tactics in the gameplay. Under Control offers an isometric top view with 3D graphics that help in building strategies, combined with a great soundtrack and a variety of unique gameplay elements to create a MMORTS experience that will be appreciated by fans of the genre.

You start with a small group of units and buildings which you need to improve to fight against General Krieg, a dictator who has unchallenged control of the world. Under Control gives you the opportunity to not only raise an army, but deploy them in precise areas, which can provide great strategic advantages to a cunning player. You may even engage in PvP battles which allow you to take over your opponent’s base to add to the strength of your army. Alternatively, you can form a diplomatic alliance with other players and create a new world order with like-minded individuals!